Top 5 wordpress plugin you can install for better blog site

Today  I am going to explain Top 5 wordpress plugin you can install for better blog site for your business. And that actually help you into creating a very good blog site with all features. These plugins has been installed in almost all the blog wordpress site in the world. So my recommendation is to install these wordpress plugins for sure.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast
    This plugin is solve your related issues, like how many characters in your title. How many length should have in your blog content and how it will look like in google search engine. So with the help of this plugin you can good to go for seo related issues.
  2. Digg Digg
    Digg Digg was built by our Buffer engineers a couple years back, and it’s been a staple on the Buffer blog ever since. What we’ve found most helpful with Digg Digg integration is the flexibility of where you can place the share buttons: floating to the left or right of the article pinned to the top or bottom of a blog post , or manually wherever you wish inside your theme.
  3. WP Engine
    We host the Buffer blog through WP Engine, and we get a lot more goodies from them beyond just hosting. WP Engine creates daily backups and one-click restores of the blog, manages all our major WordPress updates automatically, and provides security features to keep our blog safe.
  4. Jetpack
    Another incredibly useful plugin from the WordPress team, JetPack features a bevy of tools all bundled into one plugin.  Many of the 33 tools are the same as those available to the WordPress-hosted blogs. You’ll find things like contact form, related posts, share tools, and single sign on.
  5. Custom login
    Basically, you can upload any photo and use it as a tiled background on your WordPress login page. Same goes for the WordPress logo, too, if there’s a company logo you’d like to use in place of the WordPress one. Along with photos, you can change typography, styles, and alignment of pretty much every element on the login page.
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