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Matar Paneer is loved and popular among the families. This is a simple and easy recipe. This dish is homemade and anyone can make it. This kind of dish makes everyone happy.

Matar Paneer goes well with rice, naan, paranthas and jeera rice. At home we usually make dishes with paneer. A simple veg or a raita also goes well with the combination of matar paner and paranthas.

Main Ingredients for Matar Paneer

1. 400 grams paneer
2. 1 cup peas or matar
3. 3 medium sized onion sliced
4. 2 medium sized tomato sliced
5. 3 Chillies
6. Few Coriander Leaves
7. 1 tsp cumin seeds
8. Coriander Powder
9. Garam Masala
10. Ghee / oil
11. 1 tsp Turmeric Powder
12. Salt to taste

How to Make Matar Paneer Recipe

Making masala paste for matar paneer recipe
1. Heat Kadhai
2. Add 1tbsp Ghee and heat the ghee
3. Add cumin seeds and let heat for a while
4. Add 1 cup matar
5. Stir occassionally
6. Cover the Peas to cook in steam
7. After the peas are cooked, keep it aside in a bowl
8. Add 1tbsp ghee again and heat it
9. Add onion and saute it
10. Cook onion till golden brown
11. Add Sliced Tomato
12. Add Chillies
13. Add 1tsp Turmeric Powder
14. Add Salt to Taste
15. Cover it to cook in steam
16. Now we will cook the paneer till light golden color
17. We will check the veggies in between
18. when the veggies are cooked
19. Keep it in separate plate to cool down
20. Check the paneer, it will leave some water
21. After the veggies are cooled down
22. Add it in grinder/blender and blend the veggies to thick paste
23. Switch off the flame when paneer is light golden color
24. In Kadhai add some oil
25. Add ginger garlic paste
25. Add veggies
26. Add Paneer and Mix everything
27. Add water and let it boil
28. Our Matar paneer is ready!!
29. Garnish with Coriander and serve with love!!
30. Serve it with Rice or Chappatti/Parantha/Naan

Matar paneer is favourite among my family and may yours too.. its an easy recipe and can be made whenever you want..!!

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