HTML Headings

HTML Headings

HTML Heading tag is used to define headings at your web page.

There are 6 types of HTML Headings that you can use at web page

<h1> to <h6>

<h1> is used to define most important heading and <h6> is used to define least impotant heading.

Eg i
     <h1> Heading 1 </h1>
     <h2> Heading 2 </h2>
     <h3> Heading 3 </h3>
     <h4> Heading 4 </h4>
     <h5> Heading 5 </h5>
     <h6> Heading 6 </h6>  

Output :

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

In the above example
we shows six different level of heading<h1> to <h6>

HTML Heading tag automatically break the lines. if you want to seperate the contents then can use either <br/> or <hr/> Tag

     <h1> Heading 1 </h1><br/>
     <h2> Heading 2 </h2><hr/>
     <h3> Heading 3 </h3> 

In the above example
i) In the first line we declare heading tag <h1> with</br> tag, br tag is used to break the line. it also combination of container tag with non-container tag.
ii)In second statement we use <hr> tag. it display the line across the heading 2.
iii)In third statement <h3> simply used to display sub-heading.

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