5 Ways To Improve Your Web Design

5 Ways To Improve Your Web Design

Add your important information on first fold

Add your important and main content on first fold. Studies have shown that Internet users decide which part of a page are likely to be of interest to them and ignore the rest.

The more important a headline is, the larger its font size should be. Big bold headlines help to grab the user’s attention as they scan the Web page

The more important the headline or content, the higher up the page it should be placed. The most important or popular content should always be positioned prominently near the top of the page, so users can view it without having to scroll too far

Add space between paragraphs

Add enough space between the paragraphs and images so the viewer has space to read and is more able to see all of the features of your site and understand your business.

Minimize the number of words in your paragraph. If you can show your information across in ten words, instead of thirty, do so. Viewers just want information, with minimum wasted effort and time.

Minimize the Number of font typefaces, sizes and colors.

Minimize the number of font typefaces, sizes and colors. The more font typefaces, sizes and colors you use, the more effort the mind has to use to process everything it sees.

It is also important to use a color palette that complements your logo and is consistent with your other marketing materials.

While selecting fonts, keep in mind that people will be looking at your website not just on a laptop but on mobile devices. Some computers and browsers just not support all type of fonts. So use a universal font.

Primary Navigation

The primary navigational cues on a site are usually the links at the top of each page. They give a very quick overview of the site’s content. The links should link to the main categories of your site and be worded in such a way that they are all self-explanatory.

Don’t confuse the primary navigational links with the local navigation links. Local navigation links are links to pages within a category and are usually displayed on the left side of sub-pages

Clean Breadcrumb navigation

Breadcrumb is important part of the website. It helps the user to navigate from current page to homepage or where the user wants to go.

You can usually find breadcrumbs in websites that have a large amount of content and pages organized in a hierarchical manner.

Breadcrumb navigation should be used as an extra feature for large websites and shouldn’t replace effective primary navigation menus.

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